Sunflowers for Ukraine

“Sunflower” Carolyn West 2020 The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has continued to bring trauma and hardship, which we are sadly witnessing from around the globe. As we send thoughts and prayers for a resolution to this war, we recognize the national flower of Ukraine, the sunflower, as a symbol of hope and renewal. [...]

The Magesty of Mountains

Last month, we took a trip to Banff, a resort town in the province of Alberta located within Banff National Park. I was so inspired by the area, I had to try to capture the beauty in this painting of Mt. Rundle. This area is part of the Rocky Mountains, and the surrounding 6,500 square […]

Loving Where You Live

When I created Georgian Bay Jewels, it came together slowly, nudged by memories of moments in our friends’ waterfront backyard. It came from a hundred different sunsets that I’ve taken in over the last few years in this region. It started in abstract representation, then paddled in the direction of realism, finally landing somewhere in […]